Spartak Nalchik

One of the Renowned football clubs in the world

Our Belief
The team behind the development of the Website for the Spartak Nalchik were clear in their objectives.  They thoroughly believed that people must be aware of what it takes a football club team to become famous in the world. It is also necessary for the football critics and fans to know about the in-depth analysis of the games played by the Spartak Nalchik. Additionally, the website will also provide the data like the result of games, the in-depth analyzed report of each of the games which helps in displaying the progress of growth of the team over the years.
Our Mission

We, as a team was very committed to providing this website as a platform for the people to know about the origin of the Spartak Nalchik team to the football fraternity. The initial days of struggle and the ways taken by the team to overcome those are also provided which would be a big inspiration for young people to join small clubs with a vision of playing for a famous club one day. The website additionally would be mentioning their superlative performance against all components, their never-give-up attitude and the statistics on each of the game played by the team.

Our Vision

As a strong team behind the development of the website for the Spartak Nalchik, we envision an environment where people learn a lot from sports. People must be able to learn a lot of qualitative values, develop winning and never give up attitude and believe in long-term goals and success.

The Future

There are so many people in the world who adore the football sport. Despite the huge number of tournaments and the leagues established for the sport, the game has never lost its charm. The Football club leagues, having gained popularity since years, have gone a step further in producing nerve-wracking games and many talents have been developed.

About Us

The website of the Spartak Nalchik team aims at showcasing the important achievements made by the Russian Football club team over the years. This website would also present the performance of the team during their transitional period before attaining glory. It would also the details regarding the latest performances of the team in the leagues and tournaments. The transition from being a newbie to the Football clubs to a strong threatening force in the leagues has been explained in the website clearly. This would help the ardent fans of football to know how the team has grown over the years.

In addition to the various useful information currently provided through this website, many more details can be expressed to the people through interesting means of graph and animation. The website can also include the streaming of important goal moments of the game online for the people to watch them once the game ends. This would further encourage the people to know about the club, origin of the club, its growth over the years, its participation in the tournaments and the way it has been celebrated currently.

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Spartak Nalchik Continues Impressive Run

One of the renowned football clubs in the world

This a Russian Association that is based in Nalchik which is known for its participation in the tier-stage of the Russian Professional Football League. This club team have always displayed tremendous performance in the tournaments over the last few years. Despite very less financial support and lack of experience, the club team has been fighting to win games against the opponents.

Founded in the year 1935, they have lasted around 83 years successfully participating in many games and tournaments. They slowly gained experience and more insights into the game through their participation in every league possible including the Russian Soviet League, The Russian division league and the premier league. You can view the latest facts, information, statistics about the club team Spartak Nalchik here. Today, the Russian Football club team Spartak Nalchik has become a known name owing to their brilliant performances in the last few years.

Growth Of Spartak Nalchik

In the initial days, the team played in the B-class Tournament. Owing to their brilliant consistent performance, winning the tournaments, Spartak was promoted into the A class. The club team also began to participate in the Soviet Leagues in the 1970s and the 1980s. There was an enhancement in the performance and the never-give-up attitude of the team. Due to their constant improvement, many organization and people came forward willing to sponsor the team. Owing to the improved display of football sport during the Soviet Leagues, the club was offered the opportunity to play in the Buffer League. In its first year of the play, the team was able to acquire the 15th position in the year 19745 and 1975. The club won their first major championship title of RSFSR in the year 1965 and 1979.

Impressive Run Of Spartak Nalchik

There was a big leap in the performance of the Spartak Nalchik team right from the beginning of the early 2000s. Their performance in the important league matches, tournaments, against tough components and in the championship games increased drastically. The biggest boost or the reward the team received was during the Russian First Division tournament where the team finished second. This turned out to be the starting point for the extended impressive run to follow. Their splendid performance in the Russian First Division tournament provided them the promotion to the Premier League. Their performance completely shocked the football fraternity and they went on to stay as leaders of the Premier League between the 10th and the 15th rounds in the 2006 season.

Spartak Nalchik Shock Russia In 2006

The Spartak Nalchik performance in the Russian First division, followed by their promotion to the league was thoroughly commendable. People all over never expected this from the team as they lacked experience and had very little money. The biggest move by the Russian Spartak Nalchik team was to have Yuri Krasnozhan as their coach during this period who helped in great extent in remaining calm through all the tough stages. People who were criticizing the performance of the team slowly faded watching the club team perform very well despite their financial difficulties.

Performance Of Spartak Nalchik In The Latest Years

In the Russian Professional Football league for the south 2018-2019, the performance of the club team has been of primary importance. Despite their practical difficulties, the teams have sustained its performance level. In this league, Spartak Nalchik stood at the 8th place out of the 15 teams winning 6 games and managing a draw in 4 games. Some of their latest great performances include the 3-1 winning game against the strong Angusht Nazran. They had an impressive goal ratio which was 24:24. The Spartak Nalchik has been hitting a very consistent run in their appearances in most of the tournaments mainly the Russian third league. One biggest point to be appreciated regarding the performance of the team is that they have never found it difficult playing the away games in different stadiums. They have successfully exhibited superlative performance both in their home and away games.

The growth of the Spartak Nalchik has happened slow and steadily

This has helped them in evolving as a team, develop winning and never give up attitude in all the games they play. The team has now become famous for exhibit splendid performances in the various leagues they play.


Our Website would be of immense help to the ardent followers of the football game. This website would be a treat to the people who love all forms of football, be it the international ones, the national leagues as well as the club football games. People who are very interested in knowing the insights of the growth of the Spartak Nalchik football club team of Russia would find this website to be perfect. There would be a lot of information in the website in the best precise manner possible explaining the statistics of the games played by the team in important tournaments and leagues right from the initial years till the latest.

Our Primary Goal

The website successfully provides information regarding the performances of the Spartak Nalchik in a chronological order, stating the growth in performance over the years. You can also pour in your ideas, suggestions that can be made to the website that would lead to the betterment of the website for the Spartak Nalchik club team.

Our primary goal is to provide accurate significant information regarding the performances of the Spartak Nalchik team in the leagues and champions leagues. We always strive hard in providing the information accurately and as early as possible so that the fans would get to know the details of the matches, schedules, and performances very soon. Overall, the website will emphasize on the journey of the Spartak Nalchik Football club team of Russia from its evolution to the latest years, stressing on their difficulties and the brilliant manner with which they broke the obstacles. They have finally turned out to be a noticeable Football club team playing this football sport.

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The website of the Spartak Nalchik team aims at showcasing the important achievements made by the Russian Football club team over the years.